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1.Steering Committee

Aaron M. Bauer; Jing Che; Andrew J. Crawford; Stephen C. Donnellan; Uwe Fritz; CĂ©lio F.B. Haddad;  Zoltan T. Nagy; Nikolay A. Poyarkov; Miguel Vences; Ya-ping Zhang.

2. Co-Chairs

Robert W. Murphy and Wen-zhi Wang

3. Southern China DNA Barcoding Center (SCDBC)

Established in 2011, the Center is the first and only facility focus on DNA barcoding in China. The initialization of  SCDBC is due to the MOU of 

China and iBOL project. The mission of this center includes standardization, automation and application of DNA Barcoding; organization and 

advancement of major DNA barcoding programs in China; collecting, storage and manage the genetic resources for research in the SKL; 

commercial using DNA barcoding technology and high-throughput barcoding laboratory construction and operation. Now days SCDBC take the

 most responsbility of COLD CODE sequencing.